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Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
schwarzkopf was a little-known u.s. army general looking towards retirement. the west point graduate and decorated officer for his service in vietnam he spent his entire career in the army. when a rack's dictator saddam hussein invaded neighboring kuwait "stormin' norman" became a household name. as the leader of the u.s.-led international coalition that quickly drove iraqi forces out of kuwait, schwarzkopf achieved rock star status. he returned from the persian gulf in national hero and was awarded the medal of freedom. >> he was a leader, and motivator. he got a lot of things done. he was an extremely compassionate man. >> after retirement, he declined offers by both parties to run for political office. >> president george h. w. bush is today statement, saying he epitomized the duties that has defended our freedom and seen this great nation tour most trying international crises. barbara and i mourn the loss of a true patriot and one of the two military leaders of this generation. general norman schwarzkopf was 78. politically speaking, he never showed any interest in running the office
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
across the globe 1500 of those will be here in the u.s. >> i cannot believe it. >> i know. you already have them across the street from each other. [laughter] it has been nice and above average. a cold front came through this warning. temperatures will drop tonight. go back into the 60's for the weekend. i have a great time lapse to share. this is frederick douglas elementary school in leesburg. watch as the cold front comes through. there is a very cool looking .ave cloud right there that kind of coincided the clearing with the sun setting. . gorgeous night winds diminishing around the area. 52 is the current temperature. a wind gust is 28 miles per hour. it feels like it is 48. temperatures in that 70's in the afternoon. 47 in germantown. all of this will come down tonight as high pressure continues to build in. temperatures dropping. we have seen that happening. 60 in fredericksburg. the winds will diminish. numbers will tank. temperatures have already fallen well to the west. .5 in detroit 37 in chicago. as early as friday, we will .tart a little bit of a warm-up it will be
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
understands that. s is a day before the u.s. e court may decide to take issue of gay marriage. look atht, a closer legalizing marijuana. >> tonight you're taking a look issue that proves the debate over legal marijuana is from over. >> i know everybody in d.c. is with the first estate declaring legal, how is it beginning to change behavior? hear what police are saying as well. looking at two never -- we would never put together. christmas gift in. >> finally, the great minds of the universe have figured out to give the perfect holiday gift. it is a simple secret and we you how to do it. >> see you here in just a bit. watch those stories and tonight on world news. a checkirst, let's get check on our traffic situation. looking downtown at the christmas tree. you have closures on 17th street. the delays on 95 that you come beltway. ande additional delays g your way toward trying of. also delays around route 7. you are also seeing some delays. the inner loop is not moving too badly through the stretch. d neardditional delays an 121. in frederick crash starting around germantown
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3